ColdFusion E-Commerce

Whether you are thinking about starting an online business or are looking to make your existing web business more profitable, Binary Minds can help. We have been building successful e-commerce web sites since 1996 and are familiar with all aspects of e-commerce development.

ColdFusion Shopping Carts – From the very basic to custom business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions. Features include multiple recipients, real-time shipping charge calculators, FedEx and UPS integration, gift cards, coupons, discounts and more.

Credit Card Payments – Successfully integrated popular gateways such as PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Direct Payments,, Plugnpay, Click2pay, Yourpay, Google Checkout, or CardServices International handling all transactions types (e.g. Sale, Pre-Auth, Post-Auth, Credit). Implementation of security features such as CVV2 verification, AVS, or IP to geographic location conversion to prevent online fraud.

Store Locator – Find any retail store within a given radius of a zip code.

Coupon codes and discounts – Highly flexible database designed to accommodate all types of discounts.

Personalization features – Designed to promote repeat business. Customers can create wish lists, check order status, review order history, re-order items and receive advance notification about specials and new products.

Shipment Tracking – Provides automatic retrieval of shipment status from main carriers such as UPS and FedEx and generates shipment notices to customers.

Quickbooks Integration – Website communicates order information directly to Quickbooks via XML using the Quickbooks QBFC library and qbXML.

Globalization – Expand into new markets by providing localized site content and global shipping.

Back-End – Order entry, customer management, sales reports, content management, printing of shipping labels, FedEx WorldShip integration, barcodes and more.

Aside from these technical details, the one feature our clients value most is the fact, that we design e-commerce sites with the end user in mind. As a consequence, our highly usable interfaces greatly improve online conversion and result in more sales.

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