Our Clients

Our clients are the sole proprietor, the small start-up company, the rapidly growing internet business and the large corporation. Although our clients are a diverse group, they share similar traits. Our clients tend to be passionate about their business and they want to have a close relationship with their development team. That's what we want too. If the businesses we support are successful, then we are successful.

Clients that have been working with us for many years - some of them even for over a decade appreciate the level of service they receive:

  • Personal attention - the same account manager and designated developers for all of their projects.
  • Fast and efficient communication - all requests are tracked through our project management application and are accessible to the entire programming team. This way we can respond immediately  - even if a client's manager or developer is momentarily unavailable.
  • Availability - Our clients can call us anytime. During off-hours our emergency call service pages support if you need immediate help.
  • Transparency - Our clients can check in anytime about the status of a project. They know how close the project is to completion, what the current status is, and when it's ready for deployment. 
  • Experience - Clients rely on our ability to understand their business and turn ideas into well-designed applications - without having to ask a lot of questions.
  • Single-mindedness - No is not an option. Clients value our abaility to find an alternative if a solution does prove impractical.

There is a reason why 95% of our clients are repeat business or come to us by recommendation. We'd like to welcome you too at Binary Minds.

In our business there is no "shelf" product. Every client needs something different. As a result, we need a programming team that takes the time to learn our business, is quick to respond to programming requests and is available to work through issues with our clients when needed. In the months we've worked with Binary Minds they have gone beyond these needs and exceeded all of our expectations. It is too bad we didn't find them a few years ago, because I believe our business would be much further ahead. They prepare, they deliver and it works! To me, that says it all.

— Curt R VandeVorde, President
CynoSure Financial, Inc.