About Us

Longevity, Expertise and Innovation

The Binary Minds team works cooperatively and complementarily with our professional counterparts at Synthenet Corporation. With a working relationship and combined expertise spanning 20+ years; together, we are dedicated to delivering powerful business applications in diverse markets for organizations from fast-paced startups to established industry leaders.

Our teams have extensive proven experience conceptualizing, designing, architecting, developing, and implementing solutions that solve business challenges.

Our organizations are comprised of technology and business process analysts, project strategists, project managers, highly-accomplished software developers proficient in numerous development languages from ColdFusion to PHP; graphic designers, UX developers, QA technicians, database administrators, AWS Certified experts and online marketing specialists.

The technology we use must be time-tested, scalable, stable and secure (no bleeding-edge technology for us), ensuring our clients’ trust, continued success and long-term partnerships.

We look forward to working with you!