Optimizing Performance for Long-Term Business Results

Our interaction with clients doesn’t end once a project launches. Binary Minds’ ongoing support and services optimize, enhance and enable the website or application to perform impeccably as an essential business asset.

Ongoing Business Assessment and Enhancements

The reason our ongoing relationships remain so active is our ability to assess our clients’ business operations and develop strategies to improve workflow, business processes, and productivity through technology. We can integrate with existing systems (like integrating an ecommerce system with an accounting platform) to help streamline operations, saving valuable time and money, and make recommendations for other technology-related business improvements.

Binary Minds devoted themselves to getting to know my business and my very specific niche industry so they could approach my situation intelligently and with a grasp of what needed to be done. We had a lot of inefficiencies because we were doing many things manually, particularly our process for order-taking and submitting orders to the vendors. We were taking orders over the phone, entering them into an Excel sheet and then sending them off to the vendor. Binary Minds streamlined that whole process. We really retooled the business by leveraging technology.
— Michael Flynn, Owner – Door Hardware Center

We had many inefficiencies because we were doing many things manually, particularly our process for order-taking, registrations for our online and live courses and for record keeping. Synthenet streamlined that process which allowed us to spend more time with business development and client relationships. Over the 7+ years we have worked together, Synthenet and Binary Minds have devoted themselves to getting to know our business and our very specific niche industry so they could approach any situation intelligently and with a grasp of what needed to be done.
— Ron Porter, President – The Back School

Binary Minds’ team is highly professional, a quality that is hard to find these days. They provide honest advice and an understanding of what you are trying to do, then turn that talk into action. They can implement solutions that will help you to be successful at whatever you are trying to do. It’s been working very well with them since 2011 and I’m confident it will for many years to come.
— Jason Platt, Technology Partner and Consultant to Sero Solutions

We also offer other important support services to increase website traffic, leads, sales, and useability:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A public-facing website is only as good as its content. If your goal is to organically acquire new customers and increase sales via your website (especially if it’s an eCommerce website), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Our SEO experts will assess your website, make recommendations for keywords and specific content, and put together an ongoing strategic plan that will get your site recognized, attain the best position in search results for your business, products and services, and meet your goals.

Our traffic has increased four-fold since Binary Minds did the search engine optimization. It gives us greater exposure which is critical for an e-commerce site like ours.
— Jason Schott, VP Finance – Schott NYC

Paid Advertising (PPC)

The web has become a very competitive arena. You’ve probably noticed that when searching for pretty much anything — the top-appearing search results are always ads.

We have on-staff PPC experts who will help you define a budget, goals and plan for online advertising, then manage that plan to attain the best results by performing competitive analyses, writing keyword-focused ads and content, monitoring performance, and much more.

Because new companies and products are appearing every day, PPC is an ever-evolving process. We will keep tabs on who is coming into the market, new outreach techniques, and budget optimization to get the biggest return on investment from your advertising dollars.

Link Building

One of the best ways to get recognized on the web and increase your business’ search engine position is by having as many reputable links as possible to your website. Whether it be white papers or articles, blog posts, products, reviews or affiliate links, our experts can help you get the most out of building relationships with other like-minded companies and organizations. Many times, this involves reciprocal links — and we’ll help you build those into your content, as well.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience is one of our highest priorities when developing our clients’ websites. If your website is not getting the attention it deserves or visitors are leaving as quickly as they arrived, we can help.

We’ll perform an analysis of your website — its design, layout, marketing message, button placement, images, alt tags (or lack thereof), and the path visitors follow when they arrive. Then, we’ll make recommendations that will improve the quality of time that visitors spend on your site, ultimately leading them to purchase or reach out to you. We have all of the resources to make the changes or enhancements necessary to enable your website to achieve your business goals.