ColdFusion Hosting

Binary Minds provides secure, high-speed hosting solutions for all of our products and services. As experienced ColdFusion developers we understand the special requirements for ColdFusion hosting much better than any other hosting company.

Tell us about your project so we can design a customized hosting solution for you for as little as $80 per month.

High performance with Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a variety of cloud-based computing services. We have expert-level knowledge with the intricacies of the Amazon platform, which is completely scalable to accommodate for even the highest spikes in traffic. Stop worrying about low performance or traffic peaks on the intelligent design of AWS, which deploys new instances when traffic is heavy, and destroys them when traffic eases.

Our expertise includes:

  • ColdFusion application hosting on Amazon AWS
  • Expert services in helping you move faster and scale applications
  • Full support for all environments (Windows, LINUX)
  • Integrated applications and support for databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, and more)
  • Expert-level developers
  • Excellent client service
  • Custom-designed applications
  • Testing and staging performed on our own servers
  • Security protocols to protect our clients – and yours

Amazon AWS highlights

  • Distributed application traffic with Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling for the web
  • Durable storage and data archiving with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier
  • Enterprise-level search solution with Amazon CloudSearch
  • Data processing and warehousing with high availability
  • Scalable web and mobile applications
  • Full redundancy with global data centers to reduce downtime to practically zero
  • CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute content widely via endpoints throughout the world
  • Lightning-fast data transfer speeds
  • A wide range of resource management tools

Amazon has over 15 years of experience with computing products and services, and is fully compliant with PCI and HIPAA requirements.

Support, your way

We offer a range of support options to meet your specific needs. You have the option to perform your own updates to your website whenever and wherever you want from any Web browser using our built-in content management systems. Short on time or resources? We will do the updates for you.

Hosting with someone else? If you’re not receiving the support you need from your ColdFusion hosting company, we can help. We will work with your provider's support team to provide a solution for you, quickly and efficiently.

Need help with online marketing to generate new leads, increase site traffic, drive sales? We’ll work out a custom plan that you can customize to your specific needs.

Quality standards

Our team of expert developers test each application thoroughly before releasing it to the client, often customizing the server environment to ensure the application’s seamless performance. Good thing we own and control our own Web hosting center.

Your security

We perform daily backups of our servers to ensure optimal performance, and we are meticulous about applying preventative maintenance. Your security is important to us.

Tell us about your project

"Service has been excellent and responsive, and a welcome respite from the situation before."
— Eric Sashua,
 ColdFusion Hosting on Amazon AWS:
-Windows and Linux supported
-All versions up to ColdFusion 11
-MS SQL Server
-Daily backups
-Distinct Development and Production environments
-Fast and highly secure
-Dedicated and shared plans
-ColdFusion experts on staff
-Plans start at $80/month