ColdFusion Hosting

Hosting Challenges 

If your website runs on a ColdFusion server, you are probably facing issues getting your website hosted. Over the last few years we noticed the following common problems encountered by business owners and managers:

  • Hosting companies are dropping support for ColdFusion servers
  • A few of them that still offer shared hosting, treat these servers as an afterthought. The result: Constant crushes and performance issues
  • Hosting on truly dedicated servers is very expensive and out of reach for a lot of smaller businesses.

Binary Minds Hosting: Lucee and Amazon Cloud 

We offer a low cost solution for a fully dedicated ColdFusion server hosting at a very low price. Here are the highlights:

  • We install your website on a dedicated Linux Amazon server. – No Windows license fees, low cost and maintenance, scalability. 
  • We replace Adobe ColdFusion server with Lucee server. – No ColdFusion Server license fees. In most cases ColdFusion code does not need to be changed in any way.
  • We can also switch your DNS and Mail gateways to Amazon AWS.


  • We analyze your ColdFusion code and database structure. 
  • We install your website on your new dedicated server and perform extensive testing.
  • We install any additional components you might require.
  • Once all is tested and ready to go, we perform one last database and file synchronization and go live.