ColdFusion Development

When building small websites with just a few pages that are not updated regularly, it is common practice to create individual static pages in HTML code. Most websites today however do require ongoing updates, interact with a database in real time (shopping cart), and invite visitors to interact with the site. For those projects, the static approach is unfeasible. Dynamic, database-driven websites are the natural solution. New content is inserted from a web browser into an already existing structure, making additions a snap. Any changes to the structure such as changing the navigation within the site are only made once, not on hundreds of pages.

A number of programming languages compete in the web development markets. We prefer ColdFusion over ASP, Perl and PHP for a number of reasons:

  • Affordable - a streamline language allowing for rapid development resulting in lower implementation costs.
  • Scalable - supports multiple server environments, clustering and load balancing for heavy volumes.
  • Flexible - runs on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux and Unix. Connects to all major database environments such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, FoxPro, and many more.
  • Recognized - Adobe has become industry leaders for graphics and web design software and is found all over the internet.
  • Compatible - works with all internet standards including XML, Java, .net, COM, DHTML, etc.
  • Seamless - clients can host their own services by simply adding Adobe ColdFusion to an existing web server with minimal cost.

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