Website Maintenance Service

Maintaining a business online is hard work, especially when you’re an entrepreneur or IT manager. You have endless responsibilities, but limited time. The specialized skills or expensive tools you need aren’t always available on short notice. You may be overwhelmed by the volume of web hosting and housekeeping tasks required to maintain your website’s peak performance.

At Binary Minds, we believe that running a business doesn’t have to be so difficult. That’s why we created a simple process to manage our clients’ daily tasks and give them time to focus on what’s important.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, we work with you to learn your business needs.
  2. With your business in mind, our team of experts create a list of systematic, cost-effective solutions to address your specific needs.
  3. From the list, you choose the solutions that will provide the most value for your business, and add them to your work plan.
  4. We implement and monitor your work plan, taking care of all the day-to-day tasks in the background.
  5. You can relax and focus on real tasks, knowing your website is running smoothly and perfectly.

Think of us as your housekeeping team, labouring in the background and contacting the master of the house only to make important business decisions. If an issue appears – a drop in traffic, Adwords becomes expensive, or your new technology needs attention – we’ll immediately help you with a strategy to address the issue.

Services and Support

We can help you work smarter and do more. Take a look at our list of fixed-cost services below. All services include unlimited phone and email support:

  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Adwords
  • Content development
  • Social Media
  • Google Trusted Store program
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • Server performance
  • Application performance
  • System and architecture
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Security review


Contact Binary Minds to learn more. We’ll start by asking about:

  • Your business objectives
  • E-commerce areas of your site
  • Whether you use analytics
  • The metrics that matter most to you
  • Any paid advertising you use
  • Your mobile audience
  • Your presence on social media
  • Newsletters or other marketing initiatives you use